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~ The Geek shall inherit the Earth... ~

Geek Is Chic!

Geek Adelaide
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Welcome all to the Geek Adelaide community!

Inspired by communities such as welovegeeks, futuretech and others, this community was created for the good Geek folk of Adelaide to share news, stories or anything else relatively Geek related.

All topics on any subject are open for posting and discussion, with moderation of course, but with fair discussion before decisions are made regarding post deletion and/or banning(in any rare case that occurs).

So with the red tape out of the way, sit back, relax, peruse the community, and enjoy!
a.i., agi, algorithms, amiga, analogue synthesis, anime, artificial general intelligence, artificial intelligence, astronomy, astrophysics, augmentation, augmented reality, autechre, beos, bio-tech, biotech, bluetooth, books, broadband, c/c++, caffeine, calculus, cd-r, cd-rom, cd-rw, circuits, clarke's third law, cloning, coding, computer games, computer geeks, computer mice, computers, consciousness, consciousness uploading, constructive logic, contact lenses, counter-strike, create, cryonics, cyber punk, cybernetic augmentations, cyberpunk, d&d, desire, digital convergance, downloading, dvd, dvd-r, dvd-rw, einstein, electric, encryption, engineering, enhancement, evolution, fantasy, fiberpoptic, fibers, final fantasy, flac, freebsd, functional programming, functions, future technology, fuzzy logic, gadgets, ge, geeks, ghz, gnu, hack, hard takeoff, html, http, ieee, integrated, intelligence, internet, inventions, java, lasers, linear algebra, linux, logic, lossless compression, m-theory, math, math rock, metal, monty python, moore's law, mp3, mp3s, nanotechnology, need, nerd glasses, nerds, network, new, object oriented programming, optics, os/2, paperless society, particle physics, pda, perl, philosophy, physics, pixels, png, popular science, programming, protocal, quantum mechanics, quantum theory, reading, relativity, rfc, robotics, robots, role playing games, rpgs, sci-fi, science, solar, space exploration, square, standards, star trek, star wars, string theory, technological singularity, technology, the future, the internet, the singularity, tron, type theory, unix, uploading, video games, virtual reality, want, warp, wi-fi, wideband, william gibson, wireless, word games