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Street Fighter Tournament - Free Entry!

I am glad to present, in association with Adelaide Arcade Gaming, Tournament Kumite: Just for Kicks!


This arcade stage Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament will be held at Tunza Fun Tea Tree Plaza on Thursday the 5th of April at 6:30PM
The tournament will begin at 6:30, all players must put their name down before we start.

The Tournament
There will be only one event running on the day and it will be open to all entrants. Completely random seeding will be used. Also, to give every player the best chance, double elimination will be in place!*

Registration is FREE Game play is FREE
All you have to do is enter and have some fun. This competition is intended as a warm up before our main, once a year, multi event extravaganza. Want to lay down the law before the big one? Want try your hand at 3rd Strike or maybe show off the skills you already have? What to have some fun and meet other Adelaide SF players? This is where it’s at!

Go to the website or comment here for more information or with any questions.
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